Q Magazine***   "Naughty Jack packs a lifetime of travelling the bars of the world into a debut that might just as easily be from 1928 as 2008. Bluesy Dobro guitar slides around the edge of the Londoner's whiskey-flavoured vocals, while echoes of Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt and Bob Frank play tag in lyrics that evoke images of friends and lovers lost and found on the road."

Folk Roots Magazine"Debut Album from highly-rated Dobro-playing singer-songwriter concentrates on the, um, well-worn themes of 'whuskey' and 'wimmen'; but Naughty Jack rings the changes with humour and sharp insight, and his playing is top-notch. He's not afraid to roam outside the blues/country Dobro fields either, and this makes for a highly enjoyable, laid-back listen."

Q Magazine"Will you believe? Potential new star for Blues fans to worship"

Maverick Country Magazine***   "The fabulous Work reminded me of when I saw Seasick Steve on the Jools Holland show as it starts with him tapping the beat out with his foot, and then some excellent Dobro sounds came flooding out of the speaker, followed by his smoky worn out sounding voice…great song and magnificent musicianship."

"The musical equivalent of a stiff but excellent quality drink. Cheers" - Blues In London

"Naughty Jack ... this years Seasick Steve" - Blues Matters

"Simplistically beautiful, honestly gritty, silkily workmanlike, 'Good Times' by Naughty Jack is a thing of absolute pleasure to just sit and enjoy - superb!!" - Toxic Pete

"'Good Times' is a very amiable listen and admirably down to earth; it's also true to himself" - Whisperin & Hollerin

"Naughty Jack has created an album of timeless blues progressions that wouldn't have been out of place in the 1920s deep south of America" -

"A charming album from start to finish" - SoundsXP

"The album is warm, mellow and laid-back. It is very pleasant and, despite an obviously prodigious musical ability, unpretentious" - The Music Magazine

"What the Pogues are to Punk/Folk the same has to be said about Naughty Jack and Blues" - Street Voice

"Worthy of being amongst anyones record collection" - Subba-Cultcha

"One night, when your woman's left you, your friends aren't answering their phones, and the corner shop's out of mid-priced whiskey; you'll need an album like this" - Tasty Fanzine


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Good Times

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Naughty Jack

Naughty Jack chose not to become a preacher like his father (and father before him). Instead, he fixed upon the life of an itinerant musician. Along his travels, he has played as part of a Venezuelan Waltz band, a traditional Trinidadian "Parang" Christmas band, and is a familiar face at all night sessions in some of the smallest pubs in the world, on the west coast of Ireland. He even managed to pick himself up an Irish/Trinidadian wife somewhere along the road.

He was forced to bid a hasty farewell to his much-loved guitar, when it met its splintery end at the hot embrace of a concertina elbow on an Amsterdam tram. A staunch atheist, he took it as an omen; turning his back on the guitar, he bought himself dobro from the states as his new travelling companion. People have been asking him why he plays with the guitar lying down on his lap ever since.

Naughty Jack has served his apprenticeship as a performer and entertainer well; he has headlined top-secret Cambridgeshire festival "Farmageddon" (recently featured in the Guardian) since its conception in 2003. He has recently performed (accompanying fellow artists) at the Shepherd's Bush Empire and the Tartan Heart festival as well as live on Charlie Gillet's BBC radio show.

After a decade of musical exploration, a week of solitude, a snowed in house in the Peak District and one bottle of Laphroaig was all it took to put down the bones of his richly-flavoured debut album. The album was mixed at Miloco Studios by Finn Eiles (The Kooks, Razorlight, Klaxons) and mastered on the Isle of Skye by Denis Blackham. With all the warmth and honesty one might expect from a preacher's son, Naughty Jacks first offering is brimming with sweet, bluesy dobro licks and worldly inflections.

"If I made compilation of the tracks that inspired me to write each song, it would be my favourite record. And I think that's how it should be." contemplates Naughty Jack in an attempt to map out the origins of Good Times. "There'd be some Tom Waits, The Band and Townes Van Zandt set alongside Hawaiian guitarist, Sol Hoopii and New Orleans pianist, Professor Longhair, definitely some Howlin' Wolf and a gospel song by Nina Simone."

Whilst the guitar, vocals and dobro are all played by the man himself on the album, his touring band of very fine musicians, on double bass, guitar and fiddle give an extra lift for a instantly appealing festival act.

The title track, Good Times, lays out Naughty Jack's manifesto for the album -

"I know where you're going to be / In the sunshine talking with me / Still sitting around when the sun goes down / Pour another drink and raise our glasses to the Good Times"

I really can't argue with that. Count me in.

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